Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beauty Tip of the Day

Homemade egg facial Mask

there is no need for you to go out and spend hundreds of dollars at a spa to get a facial

just take a look in your refrigerator and get some EGGS yes i said eggs.

an egg facial mask is a great way to lift and tighten your skin.

step 1: get your egg

step 2: get a bowl

step 3 : separate the egg whites from the yolk

step 4 : apply the egg whites onto your face and let it sit there your face will tighten up its o.k.

step 5 : rinse off after face tighten up

step 6 : apply the yolk to your face and rinse off also it will moisturize your face

This tip is really good for those who have oily skin

Doing this once a week will give you the result you are looking for:)


  1. thanks for the tip i will give it a try

  2. like da new tips can you add more its a great site -malcolm

  3. my friend told me about the egg facial and i decided to give it a try because i have oily skin